AMR – “Taurus”

Scope of Work

  • To deliver the pallets and medium sized payloads to the desired stations.
  •   Fully unmanned operation.


  • It comes in 3 variants for different payload capacity.
  • It consists of scissor lifts which are used to carry the pallets and medium sized payloads.
  • 360 degree Rotation.
  • Ready to go post Real-time Mapping.
  • Navigates autonomously ensuring safety without manual intervention.
  • Real Time Display of position of AV in Tab.


  • Auto-Docking and charging.
  • Variable Speed Selection.
  • Controlled Acceleration and deceleration.
  • Precise performance.
  • Interface with the Production ERP.  

Key Benefits

  • Obstacle avoidance through LiDAR.
  • Easy installation and monitoring.
  • AV Can be Controlled through Tab or Voice.
  • Can be controlled in a programmed manner too.

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