Vision System

Scope of Work

  • Machine Vision’s scope ranges from a simple presence check to confirm placement of a component (e.g. check a clip is present on a sub-assembly), to a highly micron level measurement and surface inspection.


  • Machine Vision System can be customized for tracking, inspecting dimensions, shapes, orientation, colour and various other requirements.
  • Presence/absence of components in Assembly Stations
  • Dimension of components in 3D & 5D space
  • Isolation of features in the components and also sorting them for corrosion or any other chemical reaction
  • Our Vision System can be offered in both stationary and moving cameras mounted on our AMR ‘Taurus’ and the data processing will be Real Time.


  • Component recognition
  • Parts identification and count
  • Depth and dimension measurement 
  • Face recognition
  • Easy installation
  • Quality inspection
  • Real time inspection and data backup

Key Benefits

  • Real time results
  • Scrap rate reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Production flexibility
  • Higher quality

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