Our Technologies

We offer different types of innovative technological solutions to suit the task at hand for various industries. Our intention is to provide unmatched automated solutions to improve the quality of end products, enhance processes and enable better return on investment.



  • Consumable status 
  • Refilling of consumables 
  • Request for consumables 
  • Product data of produced components 
  • Complete production log, this could be customizable to your company


  • Status of all test results summary / real-time 
  • Number of rejections and causes for rejections 
  • Process updates real-time


  • Real time tracker for the health of the machines
  • Preventive maintenance annunciations 
  • Predictive maintenance annunciations 
  • Real time access to the machine manuals 
  • Possible solutions to the problems real time 
  • Data of maintenance
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

All the controls of the machines / solutions will have a remote access that includes the articulated arm robots, gantry systems, servo drives, motor controllers, etc.

Will support the builder to fix the bugs that is arising out of continuous production. Will support the production supervisor to override the errors or needed passcode overrides in case of persistent logs arising out of production

Maintenance team can access the program from any remote location.

Self-Diagnosis in our Solution

Self-Diagnosis in our Solution

Solutions are built on artificial intelligence platform that include machine learning & deep learning. This way of programming the software enables us to trigger the self-diagnosis of the machines in case of cycle interruptions or minor break-downs. This reduces the downtime of the machine & ensures maximum uptime for production activities.

The machine learning helps the solution to understand possible repetitive errors or interruptions and correct them with perfect solution without any human interference. This is considered as most important feature in our solution

Predictive Maintenance

The problems / interruptions encountered during production will have an AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine that will be active to predict the problem statement as accurate as possible thus enabling the fixation of the problem by the machine itself by empowerment of self-diagnoses mode.

In some likely cases if there is a mechanical intervention required then the software will enable a digital instruction may be along with the supporting steps in sequence to fix the problem by the maintenance team.

The predictive maintenance will also keep a real time check on the repeated errors and calibrate the machine to avoid such errors by not compromising on the machine kinematics. Thus, the machine will be able to have the data track for any problems that is raised out of the machine during production and the solution for fixation.

Preventive Maintenance

The motion slides include any linear motions, rotary motions, angular motions along with the mechanical kinematics wear parts will be monitored for the wear out and advance information on replacing the same will be triggered with percentage of life left out along with the expected operations that it could carry out before it has to replace.

The life cycle of the control elements like relays, mechanical contact type elements, power switches motors, lubrication system will be monitored real time for the actuation life. The alert will be initiated well in advance with at least 20% of the life remaining to be consumed.

There's more to the technologies we offer.

Artificial Intelligence

The simulation of human intelligence by machines with the ability to learn by experience, solve problems and make real-time automated decisions.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be real, making the user feel they are immersed in their surroundings.

Machine Learning

A sub-field of AI that comprises of algorithms and statistical models used by machine to perform specific tasks while improving with experience

Autonomous Vehicle

A self-driving and self-navigating vehicle. It uses state-of-the-art AI techniques to deliver payload from one point to another while ensuring the safety of both the payload as well as co-workers

QR / Barcode Scanner

Reading of 2D/3D Barcode / QRcode on a stable or moving conveyor with any orientation of Barcode/ QR code label.

Attendance System

Developed face recognition based highly secure attendance system.

Deep Learning

A sub-field of ML that uses Artificial Neural Networks inspired by human brain functionality which is capable of automatically extracting features for classification from given data.

Unmanned Quality Inspection

Quality inspection of vehicles by an Autonomous vehicle which will move around the inspection object and do the inspection by multiple cameras for each feature.

Obstacle Detection

Detection of multiple objects using various image processing and deep learning technique.

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